ICARoS (Ion Cyclotron Advanced Research on operational Systems)

The ICARoS facility is used to test real-size ICRF antennas and transmission line in vacuum at full power.

It is necessary to proceed with functional tests of a new antenna before it is mounted and operated on ASDEX Upgrade.

The size of the ICARoS vacuum vessel allows to fit an antenna of 1700 mm height and 1500 mm width. The system is powered by one of the ASDEX Upgrade ICRF generators up to 1.5 MW. The vacuum conditions are representative of the tokamak without plasma. ICARoS is equipped with the following standard instrumentation:

  • Measurement of standard RF characteristics: forward/reflected power, voltage
  • Array of voltage probes for reconstitution of the voltage profile in the transmission line
  • Arc detector and visual monitoring

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