Development of the neutral beam heating for ITER

ELISE, the world’s largest test rig for ion sources / cooperation with European ITER agency F4E

ELISE is an experiment for the development of one of the main heating systems of ITER – the neutral beam heating – which will inject a high energy beam into the plasma of the ITER machine in order to heat it up to the million degrees centigrade temperature necessary for the fusion reactions to occur.

The ELISE test rig is the world’s largest device of its kind and part of a four-million euro research contract of the “Fusion for Energy” (F4E) European ITER Agency. Corepiece of the device is an innovative high-frequency ion source developed at IPP. On the ELISE test rig it will now be adapted to the high requirements of ITER.

The video produced by F4E explains how ELISE and the international cooperation are working (status 2014).

By courtesy of F4E

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