Publications Prof. Dr. Eric Sonnendrücker

Journal Article (8)

Journal Article
Campos Pinto, M.; Mounier, M.; Sonnendrücker, E.: Handling the divergence constraints in Maxwell and Vlasov-Maxwell simulations. Applied Mathematics and Computation 272 (2), pp. 403 - 419 (2016)
Journal Article
Campos Pinto, M.; Sonnendrücker, E.: Gauss-compatible Galerkin schemes for time-dependent Maxwell equations. Mathematics of Computation 85, pp. 2651 - 2685 (2016)
Journal Article
Görler, T.; Tronko, N.; Hornsby, W. A.; Bottino, A.; Kleiber, R.; Norscini, C.; Grandgirard, V.; Jenko, F.; Sonnendrücker, E.: Intercode comparison of gyrokinetic global electromagnetic modes. Physics of Plasmas 23, 072503 (2016)
Journal Article
Grandgirard, V.; Abiteboul, J.; Bigot, J.; Cartier-Michaud, T.; Crouseilles, N.; Dif-Pradalier, G.; Ehrlacher, C.; Estevev, D.; Garbet, X.; Ghendrih, P. et al.; Latu, G.; Mehrenberger, M.; Norscini, C.; Passeron, C.; Rozar, F.; Sarazin, Y.; Sonnendrücker, E.; Strugarek, A.; Zarzoso, D.: A 5D gyrokinetic full-ff global semi-Lagrangian code for flux-driven ion turbulence simulations. Computer Physics Communications 207, pp. 35 - 68 (2016)
Journal Article
Hamiaz, A.; Mehrenberger, M.; Sellama, H.; Sonnendrücker, E.: The semi-Lagrangian method on curvilinear grids. Communications in Applied and Industrial Mathematics 7, pp. 96 - 134 (2016)
Journal Article
Kleiber, R.; Hatzky, R.; Könies, A.; Mishchenko, A.; Sonnendrücker, E.: An explicit large time step particle-in-cell scheme for nonlinear gyrokinetic simulations in the electromagnetic regime. Physics of Plasmas 23, 032501 (2016)
Journal Article
Mehrenberger, M.; Mendoza, L. S.; Prouveur, C.; Sonnendrücker, E.: Solving the guiding-center model on a regular hexagonal mesh. ESAIM: Proceedings and Surveys 53, pp. 149 - 176 (2016)
Journal Article
Tronko, N.; Bottino, A.; Sonnendrücker, E.: Second order gyrokinetic theory for particle-in-cell codes. Physics of Plasmas 23, 082505 (2016)

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Kormann, K.; Sonnendrücker, E.: Sparse Grids for the Vlasov-Poisson Equation. In: Sparse Grids and Applications - Stuttgart 2014, pp. 163 - 190 (Ed. Garcke, J.). Springer International Publishing AG, Cham (2016)

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Hindenlang, F.; Sonnendrücker, E.; Hölzl, M.: A Parallel 3D Discontinuous Galerkin Framework for Nonlinear Resistive MHD Simulations in Tokamak and Stellarator Geometries. In: 43rd EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, P1.040 (Ed. Mantica, P.). 43rd EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Leuven, July 04, 2016 - July 08, 2016. European Physical Society, Geneva (2016)

Talk (12)

Ameres, J.; Sonnendrücker, E.: Particle in Fourier Discretization of Kinetic Equations. DPG-Frühjahrstagung der Sektion Atome, Moleküle, Quantenoptik und Plasmen (SAMOP), Hannover (submitted)
Franck, E.; Ratnani, A.; Sonnendrücker, E.; Hölzl, M.: Adaptive physics-based preconditioning for hyperbolic systems – Applications to wave and MHD models. 1st JOREK General Meeting, Garching (2016)
Kormann, K.; Reuter, K.; Sonnendrücker, E.: Parallelization Strategies for a Semi-Lagrangian Vlasov Code. Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing Conference 2016 (PASC16), Lausanne (submitted)
Kraus, M.; Kormann, K.; Sonnendrücker, E.; Morrison, P. J.: Structure-preserving finite-element particle-in-cell methods for the Vlasov-Maxwell system. 2nd Geometric Algorithms and Methods for Plasma Physics Workshop (GAMPP), Garching (2016)
Kraus, M.; Kormann, K.; Sonnendrücker, E.; Morrison, P. J.: GEMPIC: Geometric ElectroMagnetic Particle-In-Cell Methods for the Vlasov-Maxwell System and Gyrokinetics. 58th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics, San Jose, CA (submitted)
Maj, O.; Bressan, C.; Kraus, M.; Morrison, P. J.; Sonnendrücker, E.: First steps toward a three-dimensional MHD equilibrium code based on metriplectic dynamics. 2nd Geometric Algorithms and Methods for Plasma Physics Workshop (GAMPP), Garching (2016)
Mishchenko, A.; Biancalani, A.; Bottino, A.; Borchardt, M.; Cole, M.; Feher, T.; Hatzky, R.; Kleiber, R.; Könies, A.; Lewerentz, M. et al.; Leyh, H.; Riemann, J.; Slaby, C.; Sonnendrücker, E.; Tran, T. M.; Zocco, A.: Particle-in-cell simulations of global electromagnetic modes. Gyrokinetic Particle Simulation: A Symposium in Honor of Wei-li Lee, Irvine, CA (submitted)
Mishchenko, A.; Borchardt, M.; Cole, M.; Hatzky, R.; Kleiber, R.; Könies, A.; Sonnendrücker, E.: Mixed-variable gyrokinetics. Gyrokinetic Theory Working Group Meeting (GAMPP 2016), Madrid (submitted)
Ratnani, A.; Nkonga, B.; Franck, E.; Caldini-Queiros, C.; Mendoza, L.; Latu, G.; Grandgirard, V.; Sonnendrücker, E.; Hölzl, M.; Guillard, H.: Django-Jorek code: a numerical box for MHD discretization and JOREK. Workshop IPL Fratres 2015, Nice (2016)
Sonnendrücker, E.: Numerical methods for the gyrokinetic model. 7th ITER International School on High Performance Computing in Fusion Science (IIS 2014), Aix-en-Provence (2016)
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