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IPP Garching plays host to world experts for workshop on H-mode physics


The Max-Planck-Institute for Plasma Physics (IPP) hosted the 15th International workshop on H-mode physics and transport barriers that was held from October 19 to 21, 2015, in Garching, Germany. The biannual workshop was the latest in a series of such workshops which have been held around the world, e.g. in Fukuoka in Japan (2013), Oxford in the UK (2011), and Princeton in the US (2009).

The workshop concentrates on research topics which are undergoing intensive current investigation with high relevance to the specific area of transport barriers in tokamaks. The international advisory committee, consisting of members from China, Europe, Japan, Russia, South Korea and the US, selects the relevant topics and invites one scientist per topic to present an up-to-date overview of this topic, including experimental and theoretical results from all over the world. Not only distinguished scientists but also early career researchers were selected, who all lead lively discussions following their overview talks.

The conference attendees numbered 95 participants from 15 countries (43 Europe, 26 US, 26 Asia) with almost 80 contributions in the form of poster presentations. The topics ranged from turbulence in transport barriers to the effect of impurities on the stability of the edge transport barrier. The purpose of the workshop is to provide a platform for detailed discussions, to stimulate exchange of knowledge and to initiate cooperation where promising. The contributions to the conference, including the review talks, will be collected in the form of peer-reviewed papers and published in a special issue of Nuclear Fusion.


Elisabeth Wolfrum & Mike Dunne

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