Highlights 2024

Research news from the division Plasma Edge and Wall

02.05.2024: New Advances in Predicting Tokamak Plasma Rotation
Recent work at the tokamak ASDEX Upgrade has demonstrated that present theoretical models, combined with experimental scalings, can effectively model the transport of momentum within the plasma core. This marks a significant advancement towards predicting the rotation profiles of both current and future tokamak devices. [more]
20.3.2024: <span><span><span>Unlocking Plasma Secrets: Probing the Electron Temperature Profile Across the Separatrix</span></span></span>
In a tokamak, the temperature profile across the separatrix is often described by a single decay length although parallel heat transport opens a new heat loss channel on the open field lines [more]
23.01.2024: Detection of minute defects in tungsten
Experimental method provides important data on the generation of radiation damage in tungsten [more]
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