Highlights 2021  

Research news from the division Plasma Edge and Wall

29.7.2021: Turbulence at the outermost plasma edge sets limits for plasma regime in tokamaks
Future fusion reactors should be operated at the highest possible plasma density. However, the maximum achievable density is limited by turbulent processes. [more]
09.06.2021: Numerical Modelling of highly anomalous transport in the scrape-off layer plasma
An experimentally observed regime of enhanced turbulence-driven radial transport of plasma particles has been numerically simulated [more]
1.4.2021: First measurements of the high-density plasma on the high-field side of the divertor with Thomson scattering on ASDEX Upgrade
After first measurements with the new Thomson scattering diagnostics in the divertor (Divertor-TS), the spectral channels for the analysis of the photon spectra and the laser beam guidance in the vacuum vessel of ASDEX Upgrade were optimized. [more]
24.2.2021: Longstanding model of perpendicular propagation velocity of density fluctuations approved
The perpendicular velocity of density fluctuations measured by Doppler reflectometry has the same poloidal variation as the E×B velocity. [more]
28.01.2021: Origin and creation of scrape-off layer filaments in ELM free regimes
With the thermal helium beam diagnostics the dynamics of plasma edge fluctuations can be observed from the confined region up to the far scrape-off layer. [more]
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