Highlights 2022

Research news from the division Plasma Edge and Wall

7.7.2022: Access and stability of the X-point radiator and the threshold for marfes in tokamak plasmas
Cold, dense and strongly radiating plasma volumes play an important role for power exhaust and protection of the plasma facing components in fusion devices. [more]
23.5.2022: Improving understanding of turbulence behavior in the plasma boundary with a high heat flux ball-pen probe head
Turbulence plays an ambiguous role in tokamaks. While low turbulence levels are necessary to achieve the high-confinement regime (H-mode), some degree of turbulence in the scrape-off layer can be beneficial for power exhaust through increasing radial transport and thereby spreading heat over a wider area. [more]
14.03.2022: Collisional radiative model for more accurate measurements of plasma parameters from a helium beam diagnostics
With a helium beam diagnostic, the local electron density and temperature at the plasma edge can be measured with high spatiotemporal resolution. For this purpose, helium is injected as a thermal beam, and the light emission resulting from the interaction with the plasma is evaluated using a collisional radiative model.
28.2.2022: Transient energy losses from I-mode plasmas in future fusion reactors
A collaboration between IPP and MIT (USA) brought new insights into relaxation events at the edge of I-mode plasmas. [more]
26.01.2022: Two young E2M scientists receive EUROfusion grants
This year two young scientists from E2M were successful in obtaining EUROfusion grants. [more]
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