IPP Summer University for Plasma Physics and Fusion Research

Frequently asked questions


To whom is the Summer University addressed?

IPP Summer University is intended for physics and engineering students who passed their bachelor (undergraduate) courses or master students that have not yet decided their PhD topic. Since the lectures are designed to cover fusion physics in one week, they are obviously not for specialists but are rather general.


How are applicants selected?

The selection criteria are certificate grades and your CV.


Is a participation certificate issued at the end of the Summer University?



What is the procedure for submitting certificates?

If certificates are not already in English or German, the applicant has to provide a translation of the relevant parts. The translation can be done by the applicant. Please make sure that there are grades on your certificates as a basis for selecting candidates.


I will not receive my certificate before the application deadline. What can I do?

In this case you may still apply if you can submit the certificate before mid-July. Please state in the application when you can send us the certificate.


When do I get information on the status of my application?

The application deadline is the end of May. We then will process the applications and inform you whether you have been selected or not. Usually you will be notified before the end of July.


When is the participation fee due?

In the mail announcing your selection you will be asked to send 50 Euros by bank transfer as participation fee. The fee is non-refundable.


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