15th Coordinated Working Group Meeting

Video Conferencing

Presentation Files
The presentation files will be transmitted via fusionTV. fusionTV channel 4 has been reserved for 21.-23.03.2016. External participants will be able to view the presentation files. Presenters will also be able to control their presentation (for voice/video transmission see below).

The audience password is: CWGM. Please check your browser to be enabled to run java applets. Presenters will be provided with the upload password . Further instructions, e.g. for checking the transmission of presentations, can be found on the fusionTV website.

Participation and Presentation
If you want to:

- transmit your oral presentation and a video signal
- see the presenter or
- take part in discussions,

choose one of the following options:

1. If using a H.323 video-conference device, registered to an E.164 compliant gatekeeper, please dial 004910097920064 to connect to the video conference.

2. If using a H.323 video-conference device NOT registered to an E.164 compliant gatekeeper (called URI dial), the syntax depends on your vendor as shown below:


Mirial: ConferenceID@mcu.vc.dfn.de

Polycom: mcu.vc.dfn.de##ConferenceID


Tandberg: ConferenceID@mcu.vc.dfn.de

VCON: n.a.


Further technical details and help can be found here http://vcc.zih.tu-dresden.de/index.php?linkid=11100

and here https://www.vc.dfn.de/en/video-conferencing/ways-of-access/h323.html

For ISDN VC systems and phones please use the DFNVC - ISDN/IP gateway as follows:

Dial with any phone one of the two German telephone numbers:

0049302541080 or 00497116330190

wait a second until you are asked to enter the conference ID

97920064 followed by an # (hash symbol).




Now each partner having dialled in individually shows up in the list of participants on the MCUs admin page. This page can be accessed only by one person.

For the admin: Click on the following link:


enter the conference ID: 97920064

and the password:        2006

and you will see the conference page.

For questions (not for participation please):
The phone number of seminar room 1 is +49 3834 88 1300.

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