Honorary Professorship awarded

IPP scientist Hans-Stephan Bosch appointed by TU Berlin

August 08, 2016

Dr. Hans-Stephan Bosch, head of the Wendelstein 7-X Operations division at the Greifswald branch of IPP, has been awarded an honorary professorship in experimental physics by the Technical University of Berlin on 5 August 2016 in recognition of his outstanding scientific achievements.

Hans-Stephan Bosch, who received his readership in 2000 from Humboldt University in Berlin, had already accompanied his research work at IPP with tuition at the Universities of Augsburg, Ulm, Berlin (HU) and Greifswald and also supervised undergraduate and doctoral students. With the award of his honorary professorship, he will be taking up in the coming semester his part-time tuition at the Technical University of Berlin.

Besides Professor Bosch, numerous other scientists from IPP are engaged in teaching activities at more than ten universities at home and abroad.

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