Friedrich Wagner elected Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Academy honours IPP scientist

November 10, 2016

Professor Dr. h.c. mult. Friedrich Wagner, Emeritus Scientific Fellow of Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics at Garching and Greifswald, was elected Foreign Scientific Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences at the end of October 2016.

Many years of cooperation have involved Professor Wagner in Russian fusion research: Since the mid-1970s he has collaborated in scientific projects with Ioffe Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences at St. Petersburg. The 80 members of staff there are concerned with theoretical and experimental questions of plasma confinement in fusion devices of the tokamak type.

In 2011 Professor Wagner was awarded the Grant of the Government of the Russian Federation, a well-endowed foundation designed to attract leading scientists to Russian universities. The research institute established with Russian colleagues from the State Polytechnic University of St. Petersburg and Ioffe Institute, Research Laboratory on the Physics of Advanced Tokamaks, was headed by him till the end of 2013.

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