Inaugurated in 1982, the International School/Symposium for Space Simulations (ISSS) boasts a rich history that spans over four decades. The program is meticulously crafted to facilitate the instruction of space plasma simulation techniques while disseminating the latest advancements and results in simulation technology to researchers specializing in plasma physics.

This year, the ISSS meeting will be held jointly with the International Workshop on the Interrelationship between Plasma Experiments in the Laboratory and in Space (IPELS). Renowned for promoting scientific exchanges and partnerships, IPELS has consistently bridged the gap between solar physics and laboratory experimental, as well as theoretical and computational communities—catalyzing a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental plasma processes that dictate the behavior of these complex physical systems.

The fusion of ISSS-15 and IPELS-16 is poised to convene experts presenting novel observational findings, theoretical breakthroughs, and advances in numerical simulations addressing the pressing challenges in space, astrophysical, and laboratory plasmas. The conference agenda will feature a curated mix of invited plenary talks, selected contributed presentations, and interactive poster sessions, all designed to spark engaging and insightful discussions.

Prior to the symposium, the ISSS-School (August 1-3) will offer a series of lectures coupled with hands-on tutorial sessions, covering an array of plasma simulation models.

Extending an open invitation to the entire scientific community, ISSS-15 + IPELS-16 places particular emphasis on the participation of graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and early-career scientists, especially encouraging their involvement in the enriching experiences of the ISSS School.


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