Engineering Technology

Wendelstein 7-X is a technically highly complex experimental facility. This group is responsible for the maintenance and extension of the machine and the associated supply systems. This ensures that the operational readiness, safety and technical level of Wendelstein 7-X are maintained at the required high standard.

The group is currently divided into five specialized groups:


The division provides engineering development and design solutions, contributing to the operational objectives of Wendelstein 7-X. It also maintains and develops the design engineering infrastructure and models.

Engineering Analysis

Ensuring the mechanical, thermal and electromagnetic integrity of Wendelstein 7-X under the various operating conditions requires complex and elaborate numerical calculations, which are performed in this specialist group. This also includes the maintenance of numerical models and the evaluation of sensor data during the operation of Wendelstein 7-X.

Assembly Technology

This is where the technological procedures, processes and instruments for the technical work at Wendelstein 7-X are developed. This includes planning and installation of the machine periphery as well as assembly planning and work preparation.

Torus Hall

This specialist group carries out the technical work on the actual Wendelstein 7-X facility. This includes extension work, modifications, necessary repairs and, on a pro rata basis, maintenance and testing work. During operation of Wendelstein 7-X, the specialist group supports the technical and operational processes.

Supply Systems

Continuous operation of a plasma requires extensive cooling of the components in the plasma vessel, for which this division is responsible. In addition, there are numerous other cooling circuits for heaters and plasma diagnostics. The second core task is to supply the heating systems of Wendelstein 7-X with high voltage in the megawatt range.

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