The libraries of IPP

The IPP libraries collect and make accessible the technical literature relevant to IPP as a competence center for plasma physics and fusion research.

The Central Library at Garching is located in building D2A and can be used by IPP personnel and the scientific facilities at Garching research site. Monographs and journals are openly displayed. Older journal volumes are kept in the store of the Central Library, but can be taken out at any time on request. Many journals, e-books and reference works are also available online. The Central Library developed from the original reference library to a digital library and a lending library.

The Division Libraries in Garching are lending libraries for personnel of the divisions.

The Division Library of the Greifswald branch of IPP is located in building 10, 2nd floor, and can likewise be used by any member of staff. It is also a digital and a lending library (except for journals).

The stocks available in these libraries are listed in the Libero online catalogue.

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