NIBS Award

The NIBS Award will be presented for recent innovative and significant achievements in the fields of the physics, theory, technology and/or applications of sources, low energy beam transport, and/or diagnostics of negative ions.

The first “NIBS Award”, donated by D-PACE Inc., Nelson, BC, Canada, will be presented at the NIBS 2014 Symposium. It consists of a certificate and US $5,000. Further details of the criteria for the award, eligibility for the award etc. can be found at the document (pdf) in the download area.

The deadline for submission of the Preliminary Nominations is June 13, 2014.

Notification of acceptance and an invitation to submit full a Nomination Package will be made within 3 weeks. The deadline for submission of the Full Nomination Package is one month after the NIBS abstract submission date: July 13, 2014. Submissions for the NIBS Award should be sent in electronic form (pdf) to the administrator of the prize The International Program Committee will choose the winning nomination.

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