IPP scientist receives “Outstanding Referee” award

American Physical Society announces award-winners for 2012 / honorees from 22 different countries

March 13, 2012

Dr. Uwe Hergenhahn at the Greifswald branch of Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics has received the “Outstanding Referee” award. He is one of the 149 scientists world-wide who have now been honoured by the American Physical Society (APS) for their reviews of scientific publications.

APS issue such well-known journals as “Physical Review” and “Physical Review Letters”. To ensure the standard of quality of scientific publications and also of the journals, independent experts in the same field prior to publication check papers submitted. This common procedure in scientific publishing is based on the effort of numerous referees. For APS publications alone there are several thousand scientists active in assessing manuscripts submitted – 37,500 of them in the past year.

The 149 experts honoured now have received this distinction for the special quality, number and timeliness of their reports. APS are thus giving recognition to those who ensure the level of the journals and, in many cases, also assist authors in improving the quality or readability of their papers.

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