Publications of J. Kolbinger

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Journal Article
Fantz, U.; Briefi, S.; Friedl, R.; Kammerloher, M.; Kolbinger, J.; Oswald, A.: Initial Phase of a Large Atmospheric Plasmoid Generated above a Water Surface. IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 42 (10), pp. 2624 - 2625 (2014)

Poster (1)

Orozco, G.; Fröschle, M.; Harder, N. d.; Heinemann, B.; Hurlbatt, A.; Kolbinger, J.; Oberpriller, A.; Nocentini, R.; Wimmer, C.: 3D magnetic field measurements and improvements at the negative ion source BATMAN Upgrade. 32nd Symposium on Fusion Technology (SOFT 2022), Dubrovnik, Virtual (submitted)
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