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Journal Article
Artola, F. J.; Sovinec, C. R.; Jardin, S. C.; Hoelzl, M.; Krebs, I.; Clauser, C.: 3D simulations of vertical displacement events in tokamaks: A benchmark of M3D-C1, NIMROD, and JOREK editors-pick. Physics of Plasmas 28, 052511 (2021)
Journal Article
Hoelzl, M.; Huijsmans, G. T. A.; Pamela, S. J. P.; Becoulet, M.; Nardon, E.; Artola, F. J.; Nkonga, B.; Atanasiu, C. V.; Bandaru, V.; Bhole, A. et al.; Bonfiglio, D.; Cathey, A.; Czarny, O.; Dvornova, A.; Feher, T.; Fil, A.; Franck, E.; Futatani, S.; Gruca, M.; Guillard, H.; Haverkort, J. W.; Holod, I.; Hu, D.; Kim, S. K.; Korving, S. Q.; Kos, L.; Krebs, I.; Kripner, L.; Latu, G.; Liu, F.; Merkel, P.; Meshcheriakov, D.; Mitterauer, V.; Mochalskyy, S.; Morales, J. A.; Nies, R.; Nikulsin, N.; Orain, F.; Pratt, J.; Ramasamy, R.; Ramet, P.; Reux, C.; Särkimäki, K.; Schwarz, N.; Singh Verma , P.; Smith, S. F.; Sommariva, C.; Strumberger, E.; Vugt, D. C. v.; Verbeek, M.; Westerhof, E.; Wieschollek, F.; Zielinski, J.: The JOREK non-linear extended MHD code and applications to large-scale instabilities and their control in magnetically confined fusion plasmas. Nuclear Fusion 61, 065001 (2021)
Journal Article
Nardon, E.; Hu, D.; Artola, F. J.; Bonfiglio, D.; Hoelzl, M.; Boboc, A.; Carvalho, P.; Gerasimov, S.; Huijsmans, G.; Mitterauer, V. et al.; Schwarz, N.; Sun, H.; JOREK Team; JET Contributors: Thermal quench and current profile relaxation dynamics in massive-material-injection-triggered tokamak disruptions. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 63, 115006 (2021)

Talk (3)

Artola, F. J.; Loarte, A.; Lehnen, M.; Pinches, S.; Särkimäki, K.; Hoelzl, M.: Complete 3D MHD simulations of ITER post-themal quench plasmas with realistic Lundquist numbers. Theory and Simulation of Disruptions Workshop (TSDW 2021), Virtual (submitted)
Bandaru, V.; Hoelzl, M.; Reux, C.; Artola, F. J.; Vallhagen, O.; Särkimäki, K.; Lackner, K.; Lehnen, M.: Self-consistent interaction of Runaway Electrons and Magneto-hydrodynamic instabilities. 5th Asia Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics (AAPPS-DPP 2020) , Virtual (submitted)
Sovinec, C. R.; Artola, F. J.; Jardin, S. C.; Hoelzl, M.; Krebs, I.; Clauser, C.: Findings from a Benchmark Study of 3D Vertical Displacement with JOREK, M3DC1, and NIMROD. Theory and Simulation of Disruptions Workshop (TSDW 2021), Virtual (submitted)

Poster (1)

Schwarz, N.; Hoelzl, M.; Artola, J.; Pautasso, G.; Dunne, M.: Disruption simulations in ASDEX Upgrade with JOREK-STARWALL. DPG-Tagung der Sektion Materie und Kosmos (SMuK), Virtual (submitted)
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