Publications of K. Reuter

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Journal Article
Artigues, V.; Kormann, K.; Rampp, M.; Reuter, K.: Evaluation of performance portability frameworks for the implementation of a particle‐in‐cell code. Concurrency and Computing: Practice and Experience 32 (11), e5640 (2020)
Journal Article
Reuter, K.; Jenko, F.; Forest, C. B.: Turbulent magnetohydrodynamic dynamo action in a spherically bounded von Kármán flow at small magnetic Prandtl numbers. New Journal of Physics 13, 073019 (24pp) (2011)
Journal Article
Reuter, K.; Jenko, F.; Forest, C. B.: Hysteresis cycle in a turbulent, spherically bounded MHD dynamo model. New Journal of Physics 11, 013027 (21pp) (2009)
Journal Article
Reuter, K.; Jenko, F.; Tilgner, A.; Forest, C. B.: Wave-driven dynamo action in spherical magnetohydrodynamic systems. Physical Review E 80, 056304 (10pp) (2009)
Journal Article
Spence, E. J.; Reuter, K.; Forest, C. B.: A Spherical Plasma Dynamo Experiment. The Astrophysical Journal 700 (1), pp. 470 - 478 (2009)
Journal Article
Reuter, K.; Jenko, F.; Forest, C. B.; Bayliss, R. A.: A parallel implementation of an MHD code for the simulation of mechanically driven, turbulent dynamos in spherical geometry. Computer Physics Communications 179 (4), pp. 245 - 249 (2008)

Talk (2)

Reuter, K.: Hydrodynamic waves and turbulence in a spherical MHD dynamo model. Workshop on Self-Organization in Turbulent Plasmas and Fluids, Dresden (2010)
Reuter, K.; Jenko, F.: Nonlinear MHD dynamo simulations in spherical geometry. DPG Frühjahrstagung, Greifswald (2009)
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