Publications of W. Chen

Journal Article (1)

Journal Article
Bykov, V.; Schauer, F.; Egorov, K.; Tereshchenko, A.; van Eeten, P.; Dübner, A.; Sochor, M.; Zacharias, D.; Dudek, A.; Chen, W. et al.; Czarkowski, P.; Sonnerup, L.; Fellinger, J.; Hathiramani, D.; Ye, M. Y.; Dänner, W.; W7-X Team: Structural analysis of W7-X: Overview. Fusion Engineering and Design 84 (2-6), pp. 215 - 219 (2009)

Poster (1)

Hu, Q.; Zhuang, G.; Chen, W.; Yu, Q.; Wang, N.; Chen, J.; Gao, L.; Ding, Y.; Rao, B.; Hu, X.: Study of particle transport during application of resonant magnetic perturbations in the J-TEXT tokamak. 55th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics, Denver, CO (2013)
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