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Journal Article
Kraus, W.; Heinemann, B.; Falter, H.; Franzen, P.; Speth, E.; Entscheva, A.; Fantz, U.; Franke, T.; Holtum, D.; Martens, C. et al.; McNeely, P.; Riedl, R.; Wilhelm, R.: RF-source development for ITER: Large area H beam extraction, modifications for long pulse operation and design of a half size ITER source. Fusion Engineering and Design 74, pp. 337 - 341 (2005)
Journal Article
Kraus, W.; McNeely, P.; Franzen, P.; Entscheva, A.; Bandyopadhyay, M.; Heinemann, B.; Riedl, R.; Speth, E.; Wilhelm, R.: Development of large RF driven negative ion sources for neutral beam injection. Fusion Engineering and Design 66-68, pp. 491 - 495 (2003)
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