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Conference Paper
Vollmer, O.; Beaumont, B.; Staebler, A.; Libeyre, P.; Speth, E.; De Gentile, B.; Ciric, M.; et al.; Franzen, P.; Heinemann, B. et al.; Kraus, W.; Melkus, W.R. R.; Schaerich, W.: Commissioning and Performance of the New ASDEX Upgrade Neutral Beam Injector. 20. SOFT, Marseille (FR), November 07, 1998 - November 11, 1998. Fusion Technology 1998 Vol. 1, pp. 449 - 452 (1998)
Conference Paper
Staebler, A.; Vollmer, O.; Feist, J. H.; Speth, E.; Heinemann, B.; Melkus, W.; Obermayer, S.; Riedl, R.; Schaerich, W.; Wittenbecher, K.: Performance of the First ASDEX-Upgrade Neutral Beam Injector. In: Fusion Technology 1994: Proceedings of the 18th Symposium on Fusion Technology, Vol. 1, pp. 593 - 596 (Eds. Herschbach, K.; Maurer, W.; Vetter, J. E.). 18th Symposium on Fusion Technology (SOFT 1994), Karlsruhe (DE), August 22, 1994 - August 26, 1994. Noth-Holland, Amsterdam (1995)
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