Publications of S. Buchberger

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Antunes, R.; Kiefer, C. K.; Buddhadasa, M.; Hecimovic, A.; Meindl, A.; Buchberger, S.; Fantz, U.: Next steps in the plasma conversion technologies at IPP: pyrolysis of methane and plasma-catalysis for nitrogen fixation. MTET Subtopic 3.2 “Power-Based Fuels and Chemicals” (MTET 2023), Jülich (submitted)
Antunes, R.; Hecimovic, A.; Meindl, A.; Mühlmeier, M.; Pomeroy, B.; Buchberger, S.; Rauner, D.; Kiefer, C. K.; Likozar, B.; Fantz, U.: Conversion of carbon dioxide (CO2) into value-added chemicals using plasma sources. HEYSW2022: Helmholtz Energy Young Scientists Workshop 2022, Frankfurt (submitted)
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