Publications of J. Brinkmann

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Koch, F.; Auzmedil, U.; Brinkmann, J.; Lopez-Ruiz, P.; Ordas, N.; Lindig, S.; Balden, M.; Garcia-Rosales, C.; Linsmeier, C.: Oxidation behaviour of silicon-free tungsten alloys for use as first wall material. 13th International Workshop on Plasma-Facing Materials and Components for Fusion Applications / 1st International Conference on Fusion Energy Materials Science (13th PFMC Workshop / 1st FEMaS Conference), Rosenheim (2011)
Brinkmann, J.; Koch, F.; Linsmeier, C.: Oxidation behavior and plasma-wall interaction of tungsten alloys for use as plasma facing material in future fusion devices. HEPP Kolloquium 2013
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