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Griener, M.; Wolfrum, E.; Munoz Burgos, J. M.; Schmitz, O.; Sochor, M.; Stroth, U.; ASDEX Upgrade Team, Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, Max Planck Society: Implementation of fast line ratio spectroscopy on helium as plasma edge diagnostic at ASDEX Upgrade. 44th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Belfast (submitted)
Bykov, V.; Schauer, F.; Egorov, K.; van Eeten, P.; Fellinger, J.; Sochor, M.; Jaksic, N.; Tereshchenko, A.; Dübner, A.; Dudek, A. et al.; Zacharias, D.; Hathiramani, D.; Czarkowski, P.; Yang, Q.: Structural Analysis of W7-X: From design to assembly and operation. 26th Symposium on Fusion Technology (SOFT 2010), Porto (2010)
Hathiramani, D.; van Eeten, P.; Sochor, M.; Laux, M.; Bykov, V.; Schauer, F.; Heinemann, B.; Junghanns, P.; Brenner, A.; Zauner, C. et al.; Langer, H.: Full scale friction test on tilted sliding bearings for Wendelstein 7-X coils. 25th Symposium on Fusion Technology (SOFT 2008), Rostock (2008)
Bykov, V.; Schauer, F.; Gasparotto, M.; Egorov, K.; Eeten, P.; Damiani, C.; Dübner, A.; Sochor, M.; Sonnerup, L.; Capriccioli, A.: Structural Analysis of W7-X: Main Results and Critical Issues. 24th Symposium on Fusion Technology (SOFT 2006), Warsaw (2006)
Takacs, S.; Gömöry, F.; Werner, A.; Sochor, M.: Different loss contributions in superconducting magnets caused by transient magnetic fields. 15th International Toki Conference, Toki Gifu (2005)
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