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Lewerentz, M.; Aßmus, D.; Bluhm, T.; Heinrich, S.; Hennig, C.; Herbst, U.; Meyer, C.; Köster, E.; Müller, I.; Laqua, H. et al.; Otte, M.; Pingel, S.; Sachtleben, J.; Schacht, J.; Spring, A.; Wölk, A.: First experiences with the new W7-X like control system at the WEGA stellarator. 25th Symposium on Fusion Technology (SOFT 2008), Rostock (2008)
Riemann, H.; Bluhm, T.; Heimann, P.; Hennig, C.; Kühner, G.; Kroiss, H.; Laqua, H.; Lewerentz, M.; Maier, J.; Schacht, J. et al.; Spring, A.; Werner, A.; Zilker, M.: From a physics discharge program to device control: Linking the scientific and technical world at Wendelstein 7-X. 25th Symposium on Fusion Technology (SOFT 2008), Rostock (2008)
Hennig, C.; Bluhm, T.; Heimann, P.; Kroiss, H.; Maier, J.; Riemann, H.; Zilker, M.: Investigation of data losses when using UDP communication. 6th IAEA Technical Meeting on Control, Data Acquisition and Remote Participation, Inuyama (2007)
Kus, A.; Krüger, A.; Dinklage, A.; Bluhm, T.; Hanke, C. G.; Kühner, G.; Werner, A.; Hennig, C.; Geiger, J.; Lewerentz, M. et al.; Turkin, Y.; W7-X Team: Unified Software Repositories for Wendelstein 7-X: Workflow Elements for Fusion Software Development. 6th IAEA TM on Control, Data Acquisition, and Remote Participation for Fusion Research, Inuyama (2007)
König, R.; Bluhm, T.; Grosser, K.; Hildebrandt, D.; Hübner, T.; Klinkhamer, F.; Moddemeijer, K.; Otte, M.; Vliegenthart, W. A.: Imaging Challenges in Long Pulse Nuclear Fusion Experiments. 16th International Toki Conference on Advanced Imaging and Plasma Diagnostics, Toki (2006)
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