Publications of A. Langenberg

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Mardenfeld, M.; Renard, S.; Pablant, N.; Langenberg, A.; Ellis, R.; Neilson, H.; Bykov, V.: Engineering Design of an X-Ray Imaging Crystal Spectrometer for the W7-X Stellarator. 21st Topical Meeting on the Technology of Fusion Energy (TOFE), Anaheim, CA (submitted)
Pablant, N. A.; Bitter, M.; Burhenn, R.; Delgado-Aparicio, L.; Ellis, R.; Gates, D.; Goto, M.; Hill, K. W.; Langenberg, A.; Lazerson, S. et al.; Mardenfeld, M.; Morita, S.; Neilson, G. H.; Oishi, T.; Pedersen, T. S.: Measurement of core plasma temperature and rotation on W7-X made available by the x-ray imaging crystal spectrometer (XICS). 41st EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Berlin (2014)
Thomsen, H.; Burhenn, R.; Assmann, J.; Bertschinger, G.; Biel, W.; Buttenschön, B.; Grosser, K.; Hahnke, E.; Ksiazek, I.; Langenberg, A. et al.; Marchuk, O.; Pablant, N.; Zhang, D.; Pedersen, T. S.: Prospects of the impurity transport diagnostics in Wendelstein 7-X stellarator. 41st EPS Conference on Plasma Physics , Berlin (submitted)
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