19th European Fusion Physics Workshop (19th EFPW)

Meeting venue

The workshop will be held at the Maritim Hotel Kaiserhof Heringsdorf where you will be accommodated, too.

The closest airports to Heringsdorf are Berlin (Berlin-Tegel and Berlin-Schönefeld), Hamburg and Rostock-Laage. The airport Heringsdorf is not operated during the winter season.
Please take a train (http://www.bahn.de/i/view/GBR/en/index.shtml) from the airports to the station “Seebad Heringsdorf (Usedom)”.

The Maritim Hotel Kaiserhof is offering a shuttle free of charge between the station “Seebad Heringsdorf (Usedom)” and the hotel. They will pick you up at the station if you are sending your arrival time to: meeting.her@maritim.de

Of course, you can also rent a car, but please bear in mind that the weather can be very wintry already.

We will provide a shuttle between Heringsdorf and Greifswald for the visit of Wendelstein 7-X on 07 December 2011.

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