11th International Workshop on Hydrogen Isotopes in Fusion Reactor Materials


From Munich main station there are regional trains (BOB -Bayerische Oberlandbahn) leaving to Tegernsee every hour.

At Munich main station change to “BOB” (Bayerische Oberlandbahn) to Bhf Tegernsee: distance 59 km (terminal), travel time ca. 1 hour. Details see Fahrplan BOB.

At Tegernsee station you may take bus line no. 9556 Tegernsee-Kreuth-Stuben Regionalbus 9556 for Kreuth (about 23 min.). Please check the schedule carefully, it might differ at weekends. To Schloss Ringberg get off at stop "Oberhof Abzweigung (junction) Ringbergschloss". From there you need to walk up to the castle.

Another option is to take a hailed shared taxi ("AST" Anruf-Sammeltaxi) in the region Tegernseer Tal straight to Schloss Ringberg at a reasonable price. Please call "AST" 1 hour before your departure (departure only at half or full hours) at the latest. Name your point of departure, target location and names and number of passengers. Your call will be confirmed and the taxi will pick you up at Tegernsee station.
Buy your ticket before setting off on the journey and do not give a blank signature.

You´re travelling by car?

The address for your navigation system is:

83708 Kreuth Schloss - Schlossstraße 20 - Schloss Ringberg

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