Plasma Physics

Plasma Physics

A wide range of plasma physics issues is covered by the associated institutions. It includes experimental plasma physics on various different laboratory devices as well as theoretical work on fundamental plasma physics aspects.

The research groups cover experimental work on the following specific topics:

  • Magnetic plasma confinement
  • Plasma stability
  • Plasma diagnostics
  • colloidal plasmas
  • plasma chemistry
  • plasma surface interaction
  • physics of magnetic reconnection
  • cluster physics
  • highly charged ions
  • plasma dynamics, waves and heating
  • Plasma facing materials


The experimental programme is complemented by theory groups, which apply a wide range of theoretical approaches and numerical models to current research topics.

The major topics of the current basic plasma theory work are:

  • theory of dense plasmas
  • kinetic modeling of edge plasmas
  • Monte-Carlo modeling of reactive plasmas
  • quantum theory of plasma surface interaction
  • gyro-kinetic plasma simulations
  • plasma transport models
  • theory of magnetic reconnection
  • magnetohydrodynamical instabilities
  • astrophysical plasma processes
  • plasma turbulence
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