A list of Greifswald hotels is provided in the PDF file at the upper right of this page and each hotel's location is indicated on one of the two maps below this.  Five of the larger hotels have reserved contingents for the ISHW as indicated in the third column of the list by the number of single-occupancy and double-occupancy rooms included in the contingent. These contingents are reserved until 30 June 2015.

To book a specific hotel it is recommended to contact the hotel directly or use a booking platform such as or An additional option is to make use of the Greifswald Tourism Agency which books accommodations according to category chosen on the Booking Form (also available on the right). If this second option is chosen, any changes in the reservation as well as cancellation must be made in writing to the Tourism Agency (please do not contact the hotel directly) at:

   Fremdenverkehrsverein der Hansestadt Greifswald und Land e.V.
   Rathaus am Markt
   17489 Greifswald
   phone:  +49 3834/85 36 13 80
   fax:    +49 3834/85 36 13 82

All hotels situated in the city centre are within easy walking distance of the meeting venue Krupp-Kolleg. Hotels in Greifswald-Wieck are connected to the city centre by a 20-minute bus trip (public transportation, connections every 15 minutes).

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