For invited speakers

An overview talk will be presented for each of the selected topics, with a total time including discussion of 90 minutes.
Each talk will be followed by a poster session of contributed papers related to this talk

The invited speaker is also encouraged to select 2-3 short presentations from the submitted abstracts to be included in the discussion session.

All speakers are requested to upload presentations at the very latest 30 minutes before the scheduled presentation time. Please consult the conference organizers for instructions on where to upload your file.

For poster presentators

Poster size: Poster boards are 123 cm wide by 150 cm tall.

Pins will be provided at the poster sessions.
Posters for both sessions (morning and afternoon) will be on display for the entire day.
Presenters are required to be at their posters ONLY on the assigned date and times.
We encourage all poster presenters to set up their posters during the morning coffee break for both sessions planned for that day and remove them after the end of the afternoon session.
Please refer to the conference program to confirm your presentation session date and time. The program will also show the code number assigned to your poster.

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