Topics and invited speakers

Topic 1
"Development of reactor relevant scenarios: key physics and operational aspects"
A. Loarte (IO)

Topic 2
"Turbulence in edge and core transport barriers, new experimental results and modelling"
T. Tokuzawa (NIFS, JA)

Topic 3
"Impact of magnetic perturbations on ELMs and ETB structure"
R. Nazikian (PPPL, US)

Topic 4
"ELM-free, small-ELM regimes including I-mode, QH-mode"
A. Hubbard (MIT, US), A. Garofalo (GA, US)

Topic 5
"H-mode transition dynamics; role of flow-turbulence interaction"
L. Schmitz  (UCLA, US)

Topic 6
"Influence of impurities and divertor conditions on transitions, pedestal and ELMs"
M. Dunne (IPP-Garch., EU)

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