Highlights 2015

Research news from the division Plasma Edge and Wall

PFMC-15 Poster Prize for Gerd Meisl

Gerd Meisl from IPP’s E2M division was awarded the poster prize sponsored by Physica Scripta at the PFMC-15 conference (15th International Conference on Plasma-Facing Materials and Components for Fusion Applications). PFMC-15 took place from May 18 to 22 in Aix-en-Provence.

Cross section of ITER. The local nitrogen density distribution is colour coded. Dark colours correspond to high nitrogen densities. High nitrogen densities occur in areas of high beryllium deposition.

The Physica Scripta Poster Prize is dedicated to young researches (PhDs or PostDocs) “in recognition of the quality of work presented at the PFMC-15”.
In the poster with the title „Simulating the nitrogen migration in Be/W tokamaks with WallDYN“ he investigates the impurity transport and the corresponding nitrogen deposition in nitrogen-seeded plasmas. Due to chemical interactions of nitrogen with tungsten and beryllium the plasma-surface-interaction processes in nitrogen-seeded plasma are  much more complex than those in comparable noble-gas-seeded plasmas.
The picture shows the local surface distribution of nitrogen retention in a simulated anticipated ITER discharge. High nitrogen retention (red and brown areas) occurs in areas of high beryllium deposition. The dominating process is co-deposition of nitrogen with beryllium.

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