Proponents without Wendelstein 7-X team membership

If you are not already a member of the W7-X team, you cannot access the proposal submission platform. In this case we kindly ask you to contact one of the W7-X topical task force leaders to present your proposal idea:

I. Plasma Heating, Fuelling and Current Drive
Task force leaders:
Heinrich Laqua:
Yevgen Kazakov:

II. Plasma Edge and Divertor Physics
Task force leaders:
Sebastijan Brezinsek:
Marcin Jakubowski:

III. Transport and Stability
Task force leaders:
Arturo Alonso:
Andreas Dinklage:

IV. Scenario Integration
Task force leaders:
Matthias Hirsch:
Sam Lazerson:

If your proposal idea is assessed to be aligned with the main scientific goals and compatible with the technical capabilitites of Wendelstein 7-X for the upcoming experimental campaign OP 1.2b, you can apply to become member of the W7-X team to electronically submit your proposal.

To apply for membership in the Wendelstein 7-X team:

  1. Print the W7-X Data Access and Data Usage Policy
    (.pdf 24 kB), sign it and produce a pdf-version of the signed document.


       -  "RU" means Research Unit, i.e. your home institution
       -  "EUROfusion Work Package" has to be named only by members of

  2. Print the application form (.pdf 260 kB), complete it and produce a pdf-file of this document.
  3. Send an email with both documents to
  4. Then please go to the Proposal Start Page.
  5. You can get all the necessary informations, but you cannot use the electronics proposal procedure. Instead you print out the proposal template, fill it out and send it to
  6. While the proposal is under review a decision about your membership in the Wendelstein 7-X team will be made. As a team member you will be provided with the credentials necessary to submit experimental proposals electronically and access the IPP computer system.

If you have any questions on the overall procedure, please send an email to

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