Wendelstein 7-X Call for Proposals

OP 2.1 and OP 2.2


For the preparation of the experimental programme of OP 2.1 and OP 2.2, we invite you to submit experimental proposals.
Submission of proposals will be possible between April 4th and April 30th, 2022.
The upcoming scientific phase of the operation campaign OP 2.1 is scheduled for the period Nov. 2022 – Mar. 2023.
The one for OP 2.2 is envisaged for early 2024.


Continue to proposal submission (between April 4th and April 30th, 2022)

To access the web interface, authentication with your IPP credentials is required.
In case you plan to submit a scientific proposal and you are not yet a member of the W7-X Team, please contact the scientific task forces prior to the proposal submission period via



Task Force Leaders Main Campaign goals and deliverables
I - Core scenario development Andreas Langenberg (IPP)
& Felix Warmer (IPP)
II - Edge scenario development Kenneth Hammond (PPPL)
& Dirk Naujoks (IPP)
III - Wendelstein 7-X optimization Daniel Carralero, Arturo Alonso (CIEMAT)
& Carsten Killer (IPP)
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