27th ITPA DivSOL Meeting

Topics and Agenda


The focus of the meeting will be on discussion of results obtained within the currently active joint experiment tasks (DSOLs). In addition, there will be sessions to discuss newly emerged topics relevant to the ITER research plan.

Outline of agenda

  • Joint session on DSOL-32 (Comparison of N2 and Ne divertor seeding) and DSOL-41 (Detachment physics and control).
  • Joint session on DSOL-36 (Effects of damaged tungsten on plasma operation), DSOL-39 (ELM loading at toroidal tile edges) and DSOL-42 (Retarded recrystallization of plasma-exposed tungsten)
  • Session on DSOL-34 (Far-SOL fluxes and their link to detachment).
  • Session on DSOL-37 (Effects of 3-D fields on divertor conditions and PWI)
  • Session on material options for the 2nd ITER divertor
  • Session on hydrogen transport in plasma-facing materials

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