Ion Beam Analysis and Modification

Ion Beam Analysis and Modification

The group investigates fundamental elementary processes of plasma-material interaction in laboratory experiments and compares them with results on real surfaces from fusion experiments.

A key component of this is the tandem accelerator laboratory. Ion beam analysis is used to quantitatively analyse dedicated samples from the basic laboratory experiments as well as entire components of the ASDEX Upgrade, Wendelstein 7-X or JET fusion experiments. Furthermore, crystal lattice damage is generated by implanting high-energy ions into materials to simulate neutron damage.


In addition, the group operates a large number of small to medium-sized laboratory experiments such as the PlaQ plasma experiment, the IBIS and SIESTA ion beam experiments, the TAPAS permeation experiment and the TESS thermal desorption spectroscopy experiment.


Current research topics are focussed on fusion-relevant materials such as tungsten and steel. They include:


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