Support Programmes

Women are still significantly underrepresented in many areas of the natural sciences, including physics. The main reason for this is that too few female school leavers choose these degree programmes, which is why the number of female graduates is significantly lower than that of men.

To get young women and girls in particular interested in physics, the IPP offers various information and support programmes:

    Participation in the Girls' Future Day or Girls' Day: the Garching and Greifswald sites invite young women to take part in information and activities in the field of research every year.
    Further projects for children are offered via the IPP-kidsbits programme at both IPP sites.
    IPP scientists are increasingly presenting their work at trade fairs and career choice events at schools. Many campaigns and events, particularly those aimed at promoting young people and young scientists, are now part of IPP's regular press and public relations programme.

In order to increase the proportion of female scientists and women in management positions, the IPP offers targeted support programmes.


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