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  • Date: Apr 28, 2022
  • Time: 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM (Local Time Germany)
  • Speaker: various
  • Location: Zoom
  • Room: zoom details after registration
  • Host: Career Center
  • Contact: careercenter@ipp.mpg.de
Are you looking for information around planning alternative career paths in companies, NGOs, science management or science communication? Would you like to find out more about other career opportunities and make new contacts? Then register for the Virtual Career Day organised in cooperation with Helmholtz Career Development Centers. Get first-hand information and meet representatives from companies and organizations. Learn about how to best apply and prepare for job interviews.

Interested? Then register here:  https://events.gwdg.de/event/131/

Note that the afternoon workshops have their own registration links, which can be found next to the workshop descriptions.


Our programme

In the morning:

08:45 Opening of zoom room

09:00 Moderator Robert Kötter: Greeting and introduction

09:05 Keynote by Tina Persson: How to thrive in career & life

09:15 Panel discussion: Transition possible

with company representatives and representatives from science management and science communication exploring labour market trends

  • Robert Kötter (Moderator),
  • Hans-Ulrich Härting (BASF Schwarzheide GmbH),
  • Thomas Kropf (BOSCH),
  • Steffen Maas (Ginkgo Analytics),
  • Tobias Maier (NaWiK),
  • Tina Persson (Passage2Pro),
  • Anne Schreiter (German Scholars Organization e.V.).

10:00 Coffee Break and breakout-rooms for networking

10:15 Subpanels - round 1: Transition possible

Representatives from recruiting and former postdocs share their experiences for a successful start.

  • room 1: General Management/Production & Process Engineering: BASF Schwarzheide GmbH with Franziska Herrich (Expert Talent Management) and Hans-Ulrich Härting (Production Manager)
  • room 2: Research & Development: BOSCH with Kevin Heiner (Recruitment) and Ulrike Nabholz (Systems Engineer)
  • room 3: Data Science: Ginkgo Analytics with Ksenia Gasnikova (Senior Data Scientist)
  • room 4: Science Communication: Nationales Institut für Wissenschaftskommunikation (NaWiK) with Tobias Maier (Recruitment) and Sibylle Anderl (Editor of the arts and science section of the FAZ)
  • room 5: Science Management: German Scholar Organization e.V. with Anne Schreiter (Recruitment) and Florentin Neumann (DFG Referent)
  • room 6: Industrial Management: GLOBALFOUNDRIES with Hans-Jürgen Neufing (Lead Talent Aquisition), Steven Langdon (Principal Member of Technical Staff Device Engineering) and Talha Chohan (Sr. Engineer Device Engineering)

10:50 Networking and exchange in breakout rooms

11:00 Subpanels - round 2: Transition possible

The same programme as in the first round, so that you can take the opportunity to look at another room.

11:35 Lunch Break


In the afternoon:

13:00 Choose one of our workshops on career specific topics and register for it.


Workshop 1:

13:00-16:00, Sarah Blackford: “Effective self-presentation during interviews”, 20 participants

registration via careercenter@dzne.de

Short description: Successful interview technique and other forms of professional self-presentation need to be mastered in order to create a positive impression to potential employers. This on-line workshop aims to demonstrate effective techniques to present oneself professionally and impressively at interview, whether it is a formal job interview situation, or a more informal informational interview to find out more about a particular role. The workshop is presentational and interactive,providing the opportunity to practice in small confidential groups, as well as giving and receiving constructive feedback.


Workshop 2:

13:00-16:00, Christiane Kasack:  „Academia: Should I stay or should I go?“, 20 participants

registration via https://indico.desy.de/event/33439/

Short description: Would a career outside of academia make you happy? Which skills do you have that the world would appreciate? Through self-reflection as well as through a change of perspectives by interacting with your peers, you will address these big questions and learn how to navigate them. You will analyze your profile to develop a clearer and communicable view of your skill set and your career-related values. This is the right workshop if you are considering a non-academic career and would like to start making a decision. After this short workshop, you will not only have some first answers regarding the big questions, but you will especially have broken down the big questions into clearer smaller questions.


Workshop 3:

13:00-14:00, Oliver Grewe:  “Lunch Talk about Career Options in Science Management”, 50 participants

registration via https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZAuc-6trDsiGdKY9DhzdWpTmxVMRm3cdPK9

Short description: This lunch talk offers a condensed overview of what science management is, why it can be a highly attractive career option and what should be considered before one decides to walk this path. Most of all it provides an opportunity to ask all your questions about science management and to openly discuss the pros and cons of such a career with a representative of the field who has more than a decade of experience working in different institutions. It is highly recommended to prepare the event by reflecting on your personal questions about science management. Contributing with your questions and thoughts allows to match the event to your individual interests and to make it a rich and interesting experience for the other participants as well. By being actively engaged you might discover a new promising and even fascinating career opportunity.


Workshop 4:

13:00-15:00, Tina Persson: “How to Articulate the Value and Skills You Bring to Non-Academic Employers”, 35 participants

registration via https://events.gwdg.de/event/149/

Short description: How to translate your academic skill-sets to a terminology employers beyond academia understand and value

While academic employers are looking for qualifications and experiences related to teaching, research, publications, grants, and awards, non-academic employers are looking for a combination of abilities, skills (technical and soft skills), knowledge, and culture fit for their organization.
Most likely, you have come across terms such as values and transferable skills, but perhaps without knowing what they are and how to articulate them to make an attractive CV or stand out in an interview situation, so recruiters and hiring managers understand the skills and value you offer.

In the workshop, you will also learn to identify job titles using a skill searching technique. Recruiters select candidates by skills, so why not think like a recruiter and use the same strategy in the job search? In addition, today’s labor market is dynamic, with new job titles popping up all the time, so you need a strategy identifying new roles you otherwise wouldn’t have known existed.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn what transferable skills are and why they are so important.
  • How to use transferable skills to express what you want in your CV, interview, and as an elevator pitch.
  • Learn to connect your transferable skills to a job field you find attractive and interesting.
  • How to find job titles you didn’t know existed by using an agile skill searching technique.
  • Examples of jobs beyond academia.


Workshop 5:

13:00-16:00, Jörg Wunderer: “Effective job search in online portals, the Xing and Linkedin strategy - using social networks successfully", 25 participants

registration via https://my.forms.app/pactevent/socialmediaworkshop

Short description: Do you present yourself convincingly in online media? Social networks play an increasingly important role in the application process - both for you as a job seeker and for your future employer. In this workshop, you will get an overview of the most important job and career portals and how to use them most effectively to find your dream job. You will learn how to present yourself in social media, with a focus on the networks XING and LINKEDIN, and how to build and maintain your profile and network to best support your application process. You will also learn about your digital presence's do's and don'ts and how your digital footprint can act as a selection criterion in your application process.


Workshop 6:

13:00-16:00, Pari Namazie: „Failure as a stepping stone – lessons learnt from failure, 50 participants

registration via https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUrc-utqjksGtxIb4VsZVOhtq9YoAtJPCfZ

Short description: Oprah Winfrey once said, “failure is another stepping stone to greatness”. We have all experienced disappointment and failure. It is a space we feel most vulnerable and worthless and yet when we come out the other end, we see maybe there was a silver lining, a gift waiting for us, or as the Irish say, “the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow”. Join the session where we explore failures through storytelling. We hear stories of the journey through failure and the path to awakening. It is only when we stop seeing failure as a negative and change our perception that we allow ourselves to learn, grow and discover the opportunities waiting for us. We explore the different journeys of the postdoc researchers and how to best navigate the landscape of “beyond failure” to “the land of possibility and opportunity” in and outside academia, taking note that, “The one who falls and gets up is so much stronger than the one who never fell” – anonymous quote. 

We want to support you to:

  •  build the right life skills to deal in adversity and through disappointment, 
  •  build resilience and flexibility,
  •  be able to look at your strengths,
  •  find drivers for your energy and motivation,
  •  find opportunities in different perspectives.


Workshop 7:

13:00-16:00, Caroline Ketting: "Transfer of academic soft skills for non-academic career paths", 20 participants

registration via https://www.khys.kit.edu/veranstaltungskalender.php/event/45821

Short description: After completing their doctorate or postdoc, many are faced with the challenge of embarking on a new career outside academia or in science management. In contrast to the scientific job market, however, they cannot score points with their specialist expertise alone, and the job market even seems to have little interest in some specialist areas. The good news is: Early career researchers often have more to offer than they themselves realize. Essential are the broader competences and so-called "soft skills" that develop through research, teaching and other roles as a scientist.

What do you have to offer and how can you credibly present your qualities in the resume and at the interview?

In this impulse workshop, you will receive practical information on how you can use the soft skills and knowledge you have acquired in academia for the non-academic job market. Primarily focused on the German job market. It will address the questions:

  • Differences between applications in research/academia and outside academia
  • What do I bring? Becoming aware of your qualities and how to sell them (incl. exercises)
  • How do recruiters select?
  • How to present these competencies in a resume / CV / „Lebenslauf“?
  • What experience can you cite in the interview as an example of acquiring these soft skills?


Workshop 8:

13:00-16:00, Tobias Maier: “Science Communication. How and Why?”, 24 participants

registration via https://www.khys.kit.edu/veranstaltungskalender.php/event/45822

Short description: This online workshop focuses on the fundamentals of science communication. It opens with an introductory lecture followed by an interactive practice phase and a closing question and answer session. The lecture will draw attention to the importance of science communication and teach the fundamentals of good science communication. During the interactive phase, participants will then work on individual core messages whilst the question and answer session will provide an opportunity to ask specific questions about the lecture and the practice phase. It will also be possible to ask questions about career paths in science communication.






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