Career Conversation

Career Conversation

The annual career conversation with your supervisor is an important element for planning your near term career steps.

Whether or not you know precisely what you want from your career, the career conversation will help you to determine your next activities that will support you in your professional development.

The career conversation is embedded in a 3-step process: preparation, conversation, career action plan.

We have formulated guidelines (.pdf) for the career conversations. The guidelines should be read before the conversation by both the supervisor who leads the conversation and the postdoc.

The career conversation itself is also structured in three parts.

At the end, you should agree with your supervisor on a career action plan. Please write down this career action plan, maybe using the template in the guideline, and send it to  We will use your career action plan in a twofold way: 1. we can advise you about relevant professional training and 2. we can plan and organise in-house training with contents that are most relevant for our postdocs.

After the conversation has taken place, we will send you a short questionnaire. Your answers are important to improve the procedure and the offers of the career center for postdocs at IPP.

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