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Conference Paper
Brakel, R.; Burhenn, R.; Grigull, P.; Renner, H.; Ringler, H.; Sardei, F.; Schneider, U.; Weller, A.; W7-AS-Team; NI-Team et al.; Hildebrandt, D.; Wolff, H.; Kondo, K.; ECRH-Group: Impurity Analysis in the W7-AS Stellarator after Wall Conditioning by Carbonization and Boronization. In: A Collection of Papers presented at the IAEA Technical Committee Meeting - VIII Stellarator Workshop, pp. 349 - 364. 8th Stellarator Workshop, Kharkov (SU), May 27, 1991 - May 31, 1991. International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna (1991)

Report (1)

Erckmann, V.; Baldzuhn, J.; Estrada, T.; Gasparino, U.; Giannone, L.; Hartfuß, H. J.; Hofmann, J. V.; Maaßberg, H.; Rau, F.; Renner, H. et al.; Teubel, A.; Weller, A.; Wolff, H.; Zöpfel, S.; Beidler, C. D.; Kißlinger, J.; Wobig, H.; Zheng, L. J.; Burhenn, R.; Grigull, P.; Sardei, F.: W7-AS/W7-X Contributions to the 19th European Conference on controlled Fusion and Plasma Heating, Innsbruck, June 29 to Juli, 3, 1992. W7-AS Contributions to the 10th PSI Conference, Monterey, USA, March 30 to April 3, 1992. Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik, Garching (DE) (1992), getr.Pag. pp.
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