Publications of G. Fussmann

Journal Article (87)

Journal Article
Fussmann, G.: Analytical Modelling of Impurity Transport in Toroidal Devices. Nuclear Fusion 26, p. 983 (1986)
Journal Article
Janeschitz, G.; Fussmann, G.; Kotze, P.B.; et al.: Retention of Gaseous and Target Produced Impurities in the ASDEX Divertor Chamber. Nuclear Fusion 26, pp. 1725 - 1728 (1986)
Journal Article
Fussmann, G.; et al.: Studies on Impurity Retainment in the ASDEX Divertor. Journal of Nuclear Materials 121, p. 164 (1984)
Journal Article
Fussmann, G.; et al.: Divertor Parameters and Divertor Operation in ASDEX. Journal of Nuclear Materials 128/129, p. 350 (1984)
Journal Article
Fussmann, G.; et al.: Long-Pulse Suprathermal Discharges in the ASDEX Tokamak. Physical Review Letters 47, p. 1004 (1981)
Journal Article
Zehrfeld, H.P.; Fussmann, G.; Green, B.J.: Electric Field Effects on Relativistic Charged Particle Motion in Tokamaks. Plasma Physics 23, p. 473 (1981)
Journal Article
Fussmann, G.: On the Motion of Runaway Electrons in Momentum Space. Nuclear Fusion 19, 3, pp. 327 - 334 (1978)

Book (1)

Lwon, O.J.; Diamond, P.H.; Wagner, F.; Fussmann, G.; ASDEX Team; NI Team: A Study of Runaway Electron Confinement in the ASDEX Tokamak. (1988), 27 pp.

Book Chapter (14)

Book Chapter
Noack, S.; Versteegh, A.; Jüttner, B.; Fussmann, G.: Analysis of Long-living Plasmoids at Atmospheric Pressure. In: PLASMA 2007: The International Conference Research and Application of Plasmas; 4th German-Polish Conference on Plasma Diagnostics for Fusion and Applications; 6th French-Polish Seminar on Thermal Plasma in Space and Laboratory, pp. 129 - 132 (Eds. Hartfuß, H.-J.; Dudeck, M.; Musielok, J.; Sadowski, M. J.). American Institute of Physics, Melville, NY (2008)
Book Chapter
Bohmeyer, W.; Markin, A.; Koch, B.; Krenz, G.; Fussmann, G.: Study of the Gas Balance by Injection of hydrocarbons into the Plasma Simulator PSI 2. In: PLASMA 2005, pp. 215 - 218 (Eds. Sadowski, M.J.; Dudek, M.; Hartfuss, H.-J.; Pawelec, E.). American Institute of Physics, Melville, NY (2006)
Book Chapter
Waldmann, O.; Koch, B.; Fussmann, G.: Langmuir probe measurements in plasma shadows. In: PLASMA 2005, pp. 443 - 446 (Eds. Sadowski, M.J.; Dudek, M.; Hartfuss, H.-J.; Pawelec, E.). American Institute of Physics, Melville,NY (2006)
Book Chapter
Fussmann, G.; Bohmeyer, W.; Kiss'ovski, Z.; Koch, B.: Flow of Magnetized Plasma in a Linear Device. In: Plasma Physics. 11th International Congress on Plasma Physics: ICPP2002, pp. 149 - 153 (Eds. Falconer, I.A.; Dewar, R.L.; Khachan, J.). American Institute of Physics, Melville,NY (2003)
Book Chapter
Biedermann, C.; Fuchs, T.; Fußmann, G.; Radtke, R.: The Berlin Electron Beam Trap. In: Trapping Highly Charged Ions: Fundamentals and Applications, pp. 81 - 101 (Ed. Gillaspy, J.). Nova Science Publishers Inc., Huntington,NY (2001)
Book Chapter
Fußmann, G.; Biedermann, C.; Radtke, R.: EBIT: An electron beam source for the production and confinement of highly ionized atoms. In: Advanced Technologies Based on Wave and Beam Generated Plasmas, pp. 429 - 468 (Eds. Schlüter, H.; Shivarova, A.). Kluwer Academic Publ., Dordrecht (1999)
Book Chapter
Kornejew, P.; Bohmeyer, W.; Fussmann, G.: Thermal helium beam for diagnostic of electron density and temperature. In: Diagnostics for Experimental Thermonuclear Fusion Reactors, pp. 599 - 602 (Eds. Stott, P.; Gorini, G.; Sindoni, E.) (1996)
Book Chapter
Fussmann, G.; Field, A.R.; Kallenbach, A.; Krieger, K.; Steuer, K.-H.; ASDEX-Team: Impurity Transport and Neoclassical Predictions. In: ASDEX Contributions to the 18th European Conference on Controlled Fusion and Plasma Heating, p. o.Pag. (1991)
Book Chapter
Neuhauser, J.; Aratari, R.; Bessenrodt-Weberpals, M.; Carlson, A.; Chu, C.C.; Fussmann, G.; Gernhardt, J.; Kyriakakis, G.; McCormick, K.; Mueller, E.R. et al.; Murmann, H.D.; Niedermeyer, H.; Gehre, O.; Poschenrieder, W.; Schneider, R.; Schneider, U.; Siller, G.; Staebler, A.; Steuer, K.H.; Tsois, N.; Verbeek, H.; Vollmer, O.; Wagner, F.; Zohm, H.; et al.: Edge and Divertor Studies on ASDEX: 13th Conference Proceedings. In: Plasma Physics and Controlled Nuclear Fusion Research 1990, Vol. Vol. 1 ; 1991, pp. 365 - 373 (1991)
Book Chapter
Fussmann, G.; Brinkmann, W.; Hofmann, J.V.; Fabian, A.C.; Janeschitz, G.; Giovannelli, F.; Poeffel, W.; Schartner, K.-H.: Spectral Analysis of a Tokamak Plasma in the VUV-Range. In: Physical Processes in Hot Cosmic Plasmas, pp. 29 - 37. Kluwer (1990)
Book Chapter
Mertens, V.; Bessenrodt-Weberpals, M.; Gehre, O.; Giannone, L.; Gruber, O.; Holzhauer, E.; Kallenbach, A.; Ryter, F.; Soeldner, F.X.; Stroth, U. et al.; Wagner, F.; Aratari, R.; Becker, G.; Bosch, H.S.; Buechse, R.; Carlson, A.; Chu, C.C.; Eberhagen, A.; Endler, M.; Engelhardt, W.; Fahrbach, H.U.; Fussmann, G.; Gernhardt, J.; Herrmann, W.; et al.: Physics of Enhanced Confinement with Peaked and Broad Density Profiles. In: ASDEX Contributions to the 17. European Conference on Controlled Fusion and Plasma Heating, p. 17 (1990)
Book Chapter
Fussmann, G.; Gruber, O.; Niedermeyer, H.; Soeldner, F.X.; Staebler, A.; Wagner, F.; Becker, G.; Bessenrodt-Weberpals, M.; Bomba, B.; Bosch, H.-S. et al.; Bruhns, H.; Buechse, R.; Carlson, A.; Eberhagen, A.; Fahrbach, H.-U.; Gehre, O.; Gernhardt, J.; Giannone, L.; Von Gierke, G.; Glock, E.; Haas, G.; Herrmann, W.; Hofmann, J.; Janeschitz, G.; et al.: Improved Confinement Regimes with Ohmic and with Counter-Injection Heating in ASDEX: 12. Conference Proceedings. In: Plasma Physics and Controlled Nuclear Fusion Research 1988, Vol. Vol. 1, pp. 145 - 157 (1989)
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