Publications of U. Littmark

Journal Article (9)

Journal Article
Littmark, U.; Hofer, W.: Recoil Mixing in Solids by Energetic Ion Beams. Nuclear Instruments and Methods 168, p. 329 (1980)
Journal Article
Littmark, U.; Hofer, W.O.: Recoil Mixing in High-Fluence Ion Implantation. Nuclear Instruments and Methods 170, p. 177 (1980)
Journal Article
Hofer, W.O.; Littmark, U.: A Theoretical Treatment of Cascade Mixing in Depth Profiling by Sputtering. Physics Letters. A 71, 5/6, pp. 457 - 460 (1979)
Journal Article
Littmark, U.; Hofer, W.O.: The Influence of Surface Structures on Sputtering: Angular Distribution and Yield from Faceted Surfaces. Journal of Material Science 13, pp. 2577 - 2586 (1978)
Journal Article
Hesse, R.; Littmark, U.; Staib, P.: A Method of Background Determination in Quantitative Auger Spectroscopy. Applied Physics 11, pp. 233 - 239 (1976)
Journal Article
Hofer, W.O.; Littmark, U.: Ion and Electron Trajectories in Mirror-Type Ion-Electron Converters. Nuclear Instruments and Methods 138, pp. 67 - 75 (1976)
Journal Article
Littmark, U.; Maderlechner, G.; Behrisch, R.; Scherzer, B.M.U.: Calculations of the Moments of the Range and Damage Distributions for Low keV Light Ion Bombardement of Amorphous Solids. Nuclear Instruments and Methods 132, pp. 661 - 665 (1976)
Journal Article
Scherzer, B. M. U.; Behrisch, R.; Eckstein, W.; Littmark, U.; Roth, J.; Sinha , M. K.: Temperature Dependence of Trapping and Depth Profiles of 6_keV to 15_keV Deuterium in Carbon. Journal of Nuclear Materials 63, pp. 100 - 105 (1976)
Journal Article
Behrisch, R.; Boettiger, J.; Eckstein, W.; Roth, J.; Scherzer, B.M.U.; Littmark, U.: Implantation Profiles of Low-Energy Helium in Niobium and the Blistering Mechanism. Applied Physics Letters 27, 4, pp. 199 - 201 (1975)

Conference Paper (2)

Conference Paper
Hofer, W.O.; Littmark, U.: Time-of-Flight Calculations in Mirror-Type Ion-Electron Converters. In: Vacuum Congress and Internat. Conf. on Solid Surface, pp. 2565 - 2568. Vacuum Congress and Internat. Conf. on Solid Surface, Vienna (AT). (1977)
Conference Paper
Littmark, U.; Maderlechner, G.: Deposited Energy Distributions with a Surface Discontinuity. In: Physics of Ionized Gases, pp. 139 - 142. Physics of Ionized Gases, Dubrovnik (YU). (1976)

Report (1)

Littmark, U.: The program RADELI for evaluation of the moments over the range- and deposited energy-distributions for light ion bombardment of solids. Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik, Garching (1976)
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