Publications of N. Tsois

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
ASDEX Upgrade Team, Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, Max Planck Society; NBI-Team; Aratari, R.; Adamson, S.; Bessenrodt-Weberpals, M.; Büchse, R.; Carlson, A.; Chu, C.; Desinger, K.; Haas, G. et al.; Hofmann, J.; Kakoulidis; Krieger, K.; Kurzan, B.; Meisel, D.; Müller, E. R.; Neuhauser, J.; Poschenrieder, W.; Ryter, F.; Siller, G.; Steuer, K. H.; Szigeti, J.; Tsois, N.; Verbeek, H.; Wagner, F.: Comparison of open-closed divertor geometries in ASDEX. Journal of Nuclear Materials 176-177, pp. 512 - 517 (1990)
Journal Article
McCormick, K.; Bessenrodt-Weberpals, M.; Müller, E. R.; Neuhauser, J.; Niedermeyer, H.; Poschenrieder, W.; Ryter, F.; Schneider, U.; Söldner, F.; Steuer, K. H. et al.; Tsois, N.; Vollmer, O.; Wagner, F.; ASDEX Team; NI-Team: Effects of edge conditions on plasma confinement in ASDEX. Journal of Nuclear Materials 176-177, pp. 89 - 101 (1990)

Talk (1)

Tsalas, M.; Tsois, N.; Bobkov, V.; Müller, H. W.; Neuhauser, J.; Rohde, V.; ASDEX Upgrade Team: Divertor plasma drift patterns at ASDEX Upgrade. 32nd EPS Conference on Plasma Physics combined with the 8th International Workshop on Fast Ignition of Fusion Targets, Tarragona (2005)

Poster (1)

Tsalas, M.; Herrmann, A.; Mueller, H. W.; Neuhauser, J.; Rohde, V.; Tsois, N.; ASDEX Upgrade Team; Fuchs, C.; Kallenbach, A.: In-out divertor flow asymmetries during ELMs in ASDEX Upgrade H-mode plasmas. 17th International Conference on Plasma Surface Interactions in Controlled Fusion Devices (PSI 17), Hefei Anhui (2006)
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