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Journal Article
Makarov, S. O.; Coster, D. P.; Rozhansky, V. A.; Stepanenko, A. A.; Zhdanov, V. M.; Kaveeva, E. G.; Senichenkov, I. Y.; Bonnin, X.: Equations and improved coefficients for parallel transport in multicomponent collisional plasmas: Method and application for tokamak modeling editors-pick. Physics of Plasmas 28, 062308 (2021)

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Makarov, S.; Coster, D.; Rozhansky, V.; Kaveeva, E.; Veselova, I.; Voskoboynikov, S.; Senichenkov, I.; Stepanenko, A.; Zhdanov, V.; Bonnin, X.: Impurity parallel transport in ITER using improved collisional closure in the SOLPS-ITER code. DPG-Tagung der Sektion Materie und Kosmos (SMuK), Virtual (submitted)
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