Pedestal Physics

The working group is investigating the physics of the plasma edge region

The group’s activity concentrates on mainly four focal topics:

  • Operation and development of diagnostics (Thomson scattering, Doppler reflectometry, Lithium beam and heavy ion beam probe) in the plasma edge region, which is influenced by steep gradients in the edge transport barrier as well as fast temporal changes due to instabilities.
  • Integrated data analysis: in the framework of Bayesian probability theory the data of different diagnostics are jointly analyzed, so that redundant as well as complementary information can be used.
  • Investigation of physical processes at the plasma edge which lead to and influence the edge transport barrier, as well as the processes which determine particle and heat transport.
  • Investigation of turbulence: Turbulence is known to cause significant heat and particle losses in fusion plasmas across core, edge and scrape-off layer. In particular, wavenumber spectra, radial and poloidal correlation lengths and propagation of filaments are central topics of investigation.
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