Centrifuge launcher

Local control unit:
System contol and data aquisition are performed by a computer system constisting in a Siemens Simatic S7 and a WinCC. Simatic is an automation system developed by Siemens. This system enables machines to run automatically. The user only needs to upload a programm on the Simatic unit and the machine will accomplished the desired function.

Simatic works similar to a digital computer: it can store and run programs. It has also inputs and outputs that can be controlled by the running program. The simatic control unit can collect data from the running machine and act if any parameter is not correct.

This unit runs the whole process of fuel rod production and also supervises the synchronisation and checks if the delay is appropiate in relation to the cutting signal and the current operation conditions. This way, any desired sequence of pellet injection times can be chosen up to the maximum repetition rate. Moreover, all the relevant parameters such as temperatures, pressures, currents, frequencies and the load on the centrifuge are permanently controlled. In case of pertubation within the system or failure of one of the parts of the apparatus, the control unit brings the whole system to a standstill in an appropriate manner that avoids further damage.

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