The IPP and ITER

IPP are developing and building sub-components for ITER and developing operation scenarios for ITER with experiments on ASDEX Upgrade as well as plasma theoretical models and numerical simulations. They also do investigations on plasma-wall interaction.

Installation work in the plasma vessel. Visible at the bottom are the collector plates of the divertor.

IPP is contributing to the preparation of ITER through the research programme being conducted on its ASDEX Upgrade fusion device. IPP scientists are also maintaining close contact with the ITER group in all physics-oriented questions and are treating special problems for ITER in numerous contract studies.

Examples are:

The ITER Technology and Diagnostics division accommodates the technological development contributed by IPP to ITER: participation in development of neutral particle heating and development of various diagnostics for ITER. Examples:

The division also coordinate the ITER support work from all the other divisions of IPP.

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