Thermal Analysis Devices

Thermal treatment of samples or determination of  their thermal properties

In the course of laboratory experiments a thermal treatment of samples or the determination of  thermal properties may be required, as for instance the measurement of the thermal conductivity.

For annealing and outgassing of samples the division E2M operates various furnaces and heating systems (up to 2800°C), which are partly equipped with mass spectrometers for the analysis of gases released from the samples. Mostly thermal treatments are performed in vacuum, but other atmospheres like inert gases (e.g. Ar, He) or reactive gases (e.g. O2) are also possible.

In a thermobalance the weight change of samples can be analysed at temperatures up to 1500°C, while the composition of the atmosphere, in which this heat treatment is performed, can be chosen as desired. This allows for example experimental investigations of the oxidation behaviour of materials in different atmospheres.

Other devices serve for measurements of temperature dependent materials properties like heat capacity and thermal diffusivity or for the measurement of reaction heat as well as for the investigation of phase transitions.

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