Plasma Component Interaction

The PCI group investigates the interaction of plasma and components of the vessel wall

Plasma Wall Interaction in fusion devices not only involves surface processes but also impacts the entire wall elements through the accompanying power load.

In order to study the PWI processes -  erosion, material mixing with other plasma constituents and hydrogen retention -  in ASDEX Upgrade, the group operates the newly installed divertor component manipulator, which allows not only to expose small samples but also to investigate the behaviour of whole divertor components under ITER relevant divertor conditions.

Besides being erosion resistant, the armour materials must withstand severe thermal and mechanical loads. In order to understand and to test material properties, a variety of preparation methods for coatings and thin alloy films are available, as well as a comprehensive set of techniques for physical, chemical and mechanical characterization and modelling. Moreover, the ion beam test facility GLADIS allows high heat flux tests at relevant power loads on mock-ups as well as on complete actively cooled components.

The group leader is professor for ‘Plasma Material Interaction’ at the Technical University Munich.

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