E2M scientist receives EUROfusion grant

This year two young scientists from IPP working on edge physics in tokamaks were successful in obtaining EUROfusion grants, one of them being E2M.

A EUROfusion Researcher Grant (ERG) was granted to Dr. Ondrej Grover from E2M and Dr. Wladimir Zholobenko from TOK. The research focus of the grantees is addressing high priority areas within the EUROfusion roadmap for next step devices.

A fusion reactor has to combine sufficient core energy confinement and benign edge plasma heat loads to meet the requirements of an economically attractive power plant.

Experimentally this is investigated by Ondrej Grover in his project "Multi-machine study of reactor power exhaust compatibility with confinement". The international study comparing results from four tokamaks across Europe will focus on the compatibility of high energy confinement with power exhaust in a fusion reactor by investigating the operational space and limits determined by the boundary conditions at the very edge of the confined plasma, bridging the gap.

From the theory side, this is explored with simulations by Wladimir Zholobenko in his project "Edge-SOL turbulent transport in ELM-free scenarios with GRILLIX". The magnetic confinement of fusion devices and their durability are crucially determined by electromagnetic turbulent fluctuations. Novel high performance computing simulations allow to quantify turbulent transport in the critical plasma edge region, and thus qualify optimal regimes of reactor operation with transport barriers, divertor heat load dissipation and without transients.

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